Dark Sun - Paradise

The Ant Invasion

Uno has discovered that giant ants have started to explore the inhabited area of the canyons. The party has decided the best course of action is to eradicate the hive. The approach to the hive is treacherous and we barely make it in without alerting every ant in the canyon. The fighting started as soon as we entered the hive. After the first round of attacks, the hive erupts in a fury of legs and pincers. A fierce battle ensues. The ants are tough. We finally get to the queen and she lets go an acid cloud. Dreanor and Jin rushed in to hand to hand combat. A combination of spell casting and melee managed to destroy the queen. After the queen was killed the rest of the ants went stupid. We have decided to turn the hive into a secondary base and pick up some anti-ant pheromones. When we got back to Paradise we created a healing fruit.

An Elven Wedding

*Using the Shard of Coraanu, Jin was able to “befriend” an elf and attend the elven wedding.
*The party has Learned that the Fire Heart clan used to have a fist sized ruby that allowed them to summon and control a fire elemental
*word of a defiler sorceress with control over a fire elementals has surfaced in the south
*the party has acquired a ritual to prevent the sorceress from teleporting.
*the party is returning to Paradise with grape sapling and other crops seed before they hunt down the witch

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