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Elves run swiftly and with great endurance. Tribes can manage forty miles a day or more, day in and day out. Elves consider it shameful to ride an animal such as a crodlu or a kank, and one does so only if ill or gravely wounded. Normally, such mounts are used as beasts ofburden to carry the tribes’ goods and tents.


Thousands of elf tribes wander the dunes and steppes of the Tyr region. They compete with each other and with the other races, battling for the food and water that will keep them strong. Moreover, the elves recognize no boundaries beyond the limits of the walls of the citystates (and even these they pay only surface homage to). As such, every mile of stony barrens, scrub plains, and salt flats is their territory; every caravan and solitary traveler fair game. Most tribes stake out a particular area for a time, wandering a specific path for months or even years. Then, when the mood strikes them, they abandon the territory for whatever lies over the heat-soaked horizon.

“Strike three times before your enemy knows you are there,” advises an elven ballad. The sentiment has become a part of every elf’s combat philosophy.

“Run, or be left behind,” proclaims an elven adage. That is the truth and the reality of life on Athas.

Perhaps the greatest of these heroes is Coraanu Star Racer, who supposedly led the elves to Athas and established their most basic traditions. He taught the elves to run, to fight, to use the sword and bow, to steal, to sing, and even to dance. All tribes acknowledge his contributions, and most revere him as the greatest elf ever to run beneath the crimson sun.

Coraanu the first runner He wielded a wicked blade of glowing iron that cut through foes with a brutal, savage joy.

Elven Tribes
Star Racers
Fire Heart
Dawn Shard

Female First Names Male First Names
Elven Word Translation Elven Word Translation
Alaa Bird Chaser Botuu Water Runner
Ekee Wild Dancer Coraanu First Elf, the Warrior Thief
Guuta Singing Sword Dukkoti Wind Fighter
Hukaa Fire Leaper Haaku Two Daggers
Ittee Dancing Bow Lobuu First Runner
Nuuta Quiet Hunter Mutami Laughs at Sun
Utaa Laughing Moon Nuuko Sky Hunter
Traako Metal Stealer



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