4th Ed:

The sorcerer-kings at the center of urban life are sovereigns who rose to power long ago through unchecked arcane might. In all remaining city-states except Tyr, the monarch has ruled for generations; each sorcerer-king is a formidable defiler and employs magic to prolong his or her life to near immortality. In some cities—most notably Draj and Gulg the people view the sorcerer-king as a divine being. Worship of and obedience to the ruler is usually mandatory, with Templars tasked to enforce this state religion.

Within his or her city, each sorcerer king has absolute authority. Most reside in fortified palaces teeming with minor officials and intimidating sentries, and they rarely emerge without grand entourages and marching files of watchful guards. In the face of the king’s power, common citizens can ask for nothing more than to be defended, fed, and sheltered. The sorcerer-kings fiercely protect the secrets of Arcane Magic and brook no rival mages in their cities.




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