4th Ed:

Directly under the authority of the sorcerer-king are the templars: priests, officials, and disciples loyal to their ruler. Although a sorcerer-king can be expected to defend and nurture his or her city, the templars manage its day-to-day necessities, from law enforcement to religious services. Some templars wield magical power granted to them by their monarch, but even if they lack such might, all templars enforce the will of the sorcerer-king. They can punish law breakers, dismiss complaints against favored citizens, detain and abuse those they wish to harass, and seize
materials for the good of the state. They are hated and feared by commoners, and in any given city-state, the templar organization is rife with corruption and perfidy. The sorcerer-king seldom intervenes in templars’ affairs, no matter how crooked they might be.




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