4th Ed:

Athasian civilization is old, and the Common language is nearly universal. It came into being in ancient times before the peoples of the world divided into different races. Almost every natural creature capable of speech can speak at least a little Common. The table below shows languages known to exist on Athas.

Deep Speech once served as a shared tongue among Underdark races. Many of these races are no
more, but the gith the degenerate descendants of servants to the now-vanished illithid race still speak that language.

Draconic is an artificial tongue devised to serve as the language of arcane magic. The creator of the dragonborn race gave it to his children as their own.
Dwarven has its roots in Primordial, leading some to speculate that the dwarves came to Athas from the Elemental Chaos long ago. The history of the dwarven people has been lost. No one alive on Athas can read the Davek script, and dwarves are illiterate in their own native language. The hejkins speak a debased form of Dwarven.

Elven developed in the Lands Within the Wind (see Cosmology,) as a form of Common, and
it survives today among the elven tribes. The elves find it useful to have a language they can use to communicate with one another without being understood by strangers and travelers.

The Thri-Kreen language, unique to the mantisfolk, includes rasps, buzzes, and clicks that members of other races find difficult to duplicate. Most thrikreen in the Tyr Region do not read or write.

Language Spoken By Script
Abyssal Demons, Gnolls Barazhad
Common Humans, halflings, most speaking creatures Common
Deep Speech Gith, anakores, psurlons Rellanic
Draconic Wizards, dragonborn lokharic
Dwarven Dwarves, hejkins, muls Davek
Elven Elves, eladrin, other fey Rellanic
Giant Goliaths, minotaurs, giants, tareks Barazhad
Primordial Elementals, genasi Barazhad
Supernal Devils Supernal
Thri-Kreen Thri-kreen Chachik




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